Barbed Wire, Windmills, & Sixguns

A Book of Trivia, Fact, and Folklore About Westerns and The American West

By Donald K. Kirk

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“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”
—The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, 1962

This Is The book!
740 pages of Old West trivia that belongs on every western fan's bookshelf.

This book is a must-have reference for western writers and Old West re-enactors. It’s a book for western fans who want to relax in their favorite chair and discover hundreds of interesting lists, fascinating stories, historical events, unusual people, and special places relating to the American West. This book will entertain and educate in the ways of the Wild West and Hollywood’s interpretation of it.    


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  “Throw down your arms, two-gun man!”
  “I’ll see you in Hell, Marshal!”
  “Then go ahead, widowmaker, pull your lead chucker and we’ll see who gets there first.”

     High-noon showdowns were rare in the Old West, but not in westerns. They made for a great conclusion to a dispute over land, or water, or a woman. Well no, rarely a fight over a pretty lady, the hero had to ride off into the sunset by his lonesome self. But that’s just the way it the movies. And that’s the way it is in this book, a mix of fact and fiction with no clear distinction between the two. If you’re a western fan, this book will add some of the real Old West with the “reel” West. It’s primarily a book of humorous and entertaining lists about Westerns and the Frontier West that spawned them. It’s a great reference for fans, re-enactors, and even writers—and fun and educational for those new to the genre. It’s chock-full of Old West trivia.

  “Well, Marshal, I’m droppin’my hog leg. Maybe that dank adobe jail house with them stinkin’ rats woudn’t be so bad after all — bettern’ lead poisoning, I reckon.”

Welcome to the American West!

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“You’ll find this collection of lists an entertaining bit of reading (especially in the outhouse). The history of the American West and the myths spawned by it are all folded into one big bedroll (along with a few dirty socks). You’ll find the blending of historical fact and Hollywood’s “reel” fiction to be carefully crafted to make it fun and educational (or so they tell me).”  —Don Kirk

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